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We the pioneers of uPVC Doors & Windows have successfully completed 15 years of experience in serving customers. We have provided best services with the spirit of Sincerity and Creativity, which has taken root in each individual employee as our corporate culture, and is embodied as earnestness and brightness. On the other hand, regarding the spirit of creativity, I think that it links us to the development and proposal of more differentiated and unique products and that each employee in the companies has to return to their starting point to reconsider creativity as the driving force behind business expansion.It is considered to be a big advantage of our corporate group that we continue to deliver various products to a wide variety while combining our unique core technologies cultivated over many years at a high level of competence. In addition, in recent years, we are positively progressing with the enhancement of our production and sales structure based on the concept of local production, which means that we manufacture products in locations that are closer to our customers and provide them with a stable supply of these products. At present, when the changing speed of the world is more and more accelerating, I think it is more important than anything else to anticipate market changes, to look one step ahead into the future, and to propose the products that exceed the customers’ expectations. With “Innovation” as the keyword, we are aiming to meet the expectations of our customers as possible and to develop further by striving positively to exploit new demands and develop new products.

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For placing an order we suggest customers to follow the following simple procedure comprised of 5 easy steps:

Rough Estimate:

First of all we acquire sizes of Doors and windows for giving rough idea to customers about the price, for getting sizes our technical staff visits the site of customer or customer provides us floor plan via email and also they can share sizes via whats-app.

Consultation with Customer:

For making rough estimate customer's choice is very important regarding selecting profile as we have Chines, Turkish and German profile and another thing is design, with consultation of customer all these are finalized, which is the basic information provided by customer helping us to quote.

Approval of Rough Estimate:

On gathering all the information Quotation is prepared, then customer is served with rough quotation and then he approves it.

Final Measurement:

For getting final measurement of doors and windows it is must for customer to pay 90 % of total quoted amount then our technical staff again visits the site for final measurement, on getting final size, final quotation and auto cad design is prepared and served to customer on which customer gives consent by signing both final quotation and design.

Work order Issuance:

This is the final and last procedure where approved design is placed in production department if any design that does not meet our quality standards, is rejected and customer is given with alternate options and before submitting to production department work order can be changed by customer, if design and glass is changed quotation amount will fluctuate accordingly